Scaffolding Services

The Crossway Scaffolding team are dedicated to providing a fully collaborative service to all our clients, working with them to provide the best possible solution to their scaffolding requirements.

As such we offer a full range of services including design and consultancy, health and safety inspections and assistance with tendering documentation.

We believe we offer value for money and always quote projects at realistic prices, planning for all eventualities, and ensuring transparency from the outset.


The managers and consultants at Crossway Scaffolding can address any access or support application. We provide full technical design drawings and calculations for any size project, including temporary roofing. Our Managing Director, Steve Fearnehough, who has had 41 years experience at management level, heads the highly skilled team of consultants.

Full technical design drawings provided by Crossway Scaffolding.


Crossway has a team of inspectors who are trained to an advanced level. We also employ experienced professionals who can assist clients with any service relating to health and safety in scaffolding, including production of written reports on third party scaffolding.

Health Safety


With falls from height amounting to the largest number of incidents and accidents across industry, edge protection is a service of paramount importance.

Crossway Scaffolding provide bespoke solutions for existing buildings to give protection around roofs. The systems are non invasive and sit on the existing roof surface.

We can also provide temporary solutions to construction and other sites where protection may be required, for example floor edges. These can be formed with either scaffold tube and fittings or pre fabricated panels bolted to timber, steel or concrete frames.

Edge protection provided by Crossway Scaffolding
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