Saltburn Viaduct

The Saltburn Viaduct, built between 1865 and 1872 by the North-eastern Railway Company, was constructed to aid transportation to and from the Skinningrove Limestone Mine. With 10 red brick piers and 11 arches spanning Skelton Beck and Mill Fields, the Saltburn Viaduct is a remarkable feat of engineering and architecture standing at 180 feet tall. Crossway emerged as the winner of the NASC 2021 Project of the Year category for their remarkable work on the Saltburn Viaduct.

The Crossway team were able to overcome any obstacles by employing innovative techniques and utilising their extensive experience in the field. The solution design for the project was also noteworthy, featuring an impressive 720 metres of beams in just one span and over 5000 metres of 1.3 metre beams in the entire job. The project was completed within a timeline of 12 months, demonstrating the team's efficiency and commitment to meeting deadlines while maintaining exceptional quality standards. 

The success of the Saltburn Viaduct project is a testament to Crossway's expertise in complex construction projects and their ability to deliver exceptional results, even in challenging circumstances. Due to the site being in a remote location, our team encountered challenging ground conditions that were deemed unsuitable for the foundation of the scaffold in certain areas. To address this issue, we utilised specialist equipment, specifically RMD's, to bolt the scaffold to the structure. Due to the location of the project and the nature of the work being carried out at height, we implemented additional safety measures. One such measure was the installation of a mechanical lifting arm, which carried a stretcher fixed to the top lift of the scaffold for emergency purposes, allowing for the safe lowering of a person to the ground if necessary.

As the project location was a 70-mile round trip each day, we went above and beyond by providing our scaffolders with accommodation in nearby hotels at our expense every Wednesday, ensuring they had a break from the long commute. These solutions demonstrated our team's commitment to safety, as well as our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the comfort and well-being of our employees.