British Forces Resettlement Service Careers Fair

Our company has been in the industry for over 27 years, and we are continuously looking for skilled individuals to join our team. Last month, we attended a careers fair organized by the NASC at the British Forces Resettlement Careers Fair, and it was a great success.


Our main objective for attending the careers fair was to attract potential candidates who have an interest in the scaffolding industry. We were also hoping to increase our brand awareness among the attendees and showcase our company's values and mission.


Before the event, we had prepared promotional materials such as brochures, contact information lists and updated business cards all of which highlighted the benefits of working for Crossway Scaffolding. We also had a booth set up where attendees could approach us and ask questions. We made sure to have a friendly and approachable team ready to answer any questions they had.


During the event, we received a significant number of enquiries and had a chance to engage with attendees, including those who were interested in joining our team. We were able to talk about our company's values, mission, and the different job opportunities we have available. We even had a chance to discuss the scaffolding industry and share our knowledge and experience.

Attending the careers fair was a success, and we were able to achieve our objectives. We were able to attract potential candidates, increase our brand awareness, and showcase our company's values and mission. We look forward to attending more careers fairs in the future and continue to attract top talent to join our team.