Rail Project


Key facts regarding the Totley Tunnel Project 

  1. Totley Tunnel was completed in 1893 after five years of construction – it was the second longest tunnel in the UK only shorter than the Severn Tunnel.
  2. Crossway Rail Division was recently contacted to design and build a beamed support structure above one of the air shafts which is approximately 200 metres deep cutting through the Derbyshire moors.
  3. The scaffold structure was designed to carry a vertical mobile work platform which runs on four cables where winches lower and lift it in the shaft.
  4. Crossway built a platform over the top of the shaft to enable the work platform to be built in situ.
  5. The scaffold platform was removed once the work platform was held in place by our temporary structure then reinstated to dismantle the work platform once work is completed. 
Rail - Totley Tunnel